"Warning: I Walk on the Dark Side"
Morbid Art Tattoos

Morbid Art is a very popular form of Tattoo expression and it encompasses many subcategories; morbid tattoos encompass imagery of skulls, zombies, bloody daggers, monsters, demons and all sorts of devilry and gore.

This stuff is quite the rage among bikers, “Goths,” punk and heavy metal bands/fans, but seen more and more on young men and women who don’t precisely fit into any of those categories. Maybe they want to show that there is a darker edge to them as well?

Maybe NOT for Everybody...

Not to come off like a broken record, but I think the cautious approach is called for here too. You should be aware that this type of imagery (especially if placed in a visible or hard-to-conceal area of the body) may come with a profession and/or personal price.

Protect Your Prospects

Unless you are planning to be an MMA fighter, bouncer or tattoo artist yourself (to use just a few examples) for the rest of your adult life, this could put the kibosh on your prospects.

Imagine an interview for a primary school teaching position, with nightmarish, blood-spewing zombies adorning your throat. Might not get to teach the kiddies, as it will be determined that they may be too scared to look at you.

Oh yeah, and DATING. That otherwise perfect lady/guy of your dreams may cross your path one day, only to take one glance at your blood-curdling hellscape composition and beat a quick retreat to the exit before that magic moment can even happen!

Of course, on the other hand, the DARK SUCCUBUS/INCUBUS OF YOUR DREAMS may be out there looking for his/her dark companion too...so maybe a little planned placement and accommodating wardrobe choices may be called for here. 

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