The "Fake Tattoo"

Pretty Girl with Fake Tattoo - Henna

Before taking that big step with a tattoo, it doesn't hurt to at least consider exploring a little with a "fake tattoo" (temporary tattoo) and/or other options first. 

No doubt about it, getting something as permanent as a tattoo is (or should be) a big decision, but there are countless peeps walking around with ink that was the result of an impulsive moment. 

Impulsive Tattoos and Regrets

Face Covered with Tattoos

Not surprising, a very large percentage of these "act first, think later" folks come to absolutely HATE their tattoos and are now faced with either doing something about it or just sucking it up and live with it. 

Many of those who can "just live with it" were at least smart (or lucky) enough to have chosen discreet tattoo placement...easily concealed by natural clothing choices. If no one can see the offensive ink, they don't know it's there. 

Those others who are just DYING to get rid of these hated tattoos need to consider their options, which fall into two categories:

  • Tattoo Removal, or
  • Tattoo Cover Up

But hey, you're reading THIS so hopefully you won't end up with any of these concerns...right?

Trial Runs with "Fake Tattoos"

When making big decisions in life, sometimes it's just smart to take "baby steps" to dispel any doubts you might have about what your getting into. Some common examples:

  • Renting BEFORE buying a home;
  • Rest-driving BEFORE buying a certain car, and
  • Living together BEFORE the "Til Death do us part" thing! does the tattoo vs. fake tattoo thing belong with these important decisions?

Make no mistake - getting a tattoo is a BIG decision. It's expensive, fairly painful, presents some health risks and should be considered PERMANENT (even more so than those three examples perhaps?) 

A tattoo can have everlasting effects on your social life, love life and even your employment potential. It can change how people see and think of you, and subsequently how they treat you. 

Of course, these changes can be positive too. A tattoo can show the world whatever you choose to reveal about yourself - which can lead to meeting like-minded potential friends, lovers and employers. A tattoo is your billboard and for the rest of your life, it can be just as rewarding as it can be potentially negative. 

But, how can you be sure it's right for YOU? Consider these other options that let you "try it on for size" first!

How about Henna?

Ahhh SUMMER! The weather is getting warmer and the temporary "henna tattoo" once again makes its annual debut. Want to see what sporting ink feels like before taking the plunge? Maybe a henna tattoo is just the thing!...(Read more here!)

Body Paint and Adult Temporary Tattoos

Woman with Body Paint

There are several types of body paint used around the world, with a long history of clay-based and plant-based pigments being used for special occasions in various cultures.

Some of the more common body paint used today include water-based cosmetic "paint" that is used primarily for face painting (popular at festivals and fairs) and air-brushed water or latex-based paint that can cover some or all of body (often displayed at more adult-oriented parties and events).

Press-on Tattoo Decals

Decal (press-on, temporary) tattoos are have been popular for years with kids - and now adults can enjoy them too.

These temporary tattoos are applied to the skin by removing a protective top sheet, pressing the "tattoo" sheet firmly (ink side face down) on clean, dry skin with design facing down. Then, apply firm and even pressure to the back of the tattoo sheet with a wet cloth, wait 30 seconds (or whatever the instructions suggest) and carefully peel off paper backing.

These tattoos are easily removed with rubbing alcohol, baby oil or soap and hot water. This is another way to explore designs you might later consider making permanent.

Decal temporary tattoos, when legally sold and approved (in the U.S. it is the FDA), are safe for “direct dermal contact.” Unapproved pigments, which are purported to be sold by some non-US manufacturers, can provoke allergic reactions.

As with anything else, do your due diligence in checking out the products.

Faux Tattoo Clothing

Another alternative to leaping into permanent ink is to enhance your wardrobe! If you don't like the whole fake tattoo on your skin thing, Faux Tattoo Clothing is growing in popularity and is by far the easiest of these temporary options to put on and take off. One example is the skin-toned Tattoo T-Shirt, with simulated tattoos on the upper torso and/or tattoo sleeves on the arms.

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