Original Tattoo Design Ideas

Original Tattoo Seal

Okay...let's talk about how we can go about getting some original  tattoo design ideas

Whether this is your first tattoo or just another one along your journey, design is important…and there is certainly no shortage of tattoo designs to choose from.

As discussed on the home page, the most common are mass produced, traditional and shared designs known as Tattoo Flash...

It's true…there are literally HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of tats out there in the world...and most of them are NOT original – rather, they are based on other pre-existing tattoo design ideas.

Does that surprise you? Think about it...most people choose their designs from other tattoos they see or photos of the designs – and yes, there is a good chance that you could go ahead and copy an existing design and NEVER run into someone else who has the same one.

If you are perfectly fine with all that, move onto the next page Find a Great Shop/Artist. No doubt, the right shop will have plenty of very cool designs for your to choose from.

Okay, for those seeking to score original design ideas for their first (or next) tattoo, let me just say that I was once in your shoes.

So, I made a plan. Read how I came up with My Original Tattoo Design here.

"How about my own tattoo design ideas?"

Sexy Tattooist"Be an original...like me!"

There are many ways to come up with unique tattoo design ideas. One of which is, of course, to have tattoo art made in the image of a family member or favorite pet.

Seriously...not much chance of having another one out there just like it. Same goes for names of family members or close friends. If that is all that you are looking for, then I think you’ve pretty much got your design figured out. Congrats!

However, if that is not what you are looking for, your work is not done!

Now, keeping in mind the general idea or theme that you want to present to the world, let’s continue.

A Copy = Compromise!

No Compromise on your Original Tattoo!

Whether it is a simple one-color construction, or an elaborate mosaic of intertwined figures and symbols, you don’t have to compromise by using a copy of someone else's tattoo art. Here are some pointers to help you get some great (and original) tattoo design ideas:

  • Tattoo Artist Rework: Any Ink-Master/Mistress worth their salt will be ready and willing for a challenge. Any design and concept you come up with (using the next steps) might still be improved upon…SO, why not take it to your Tattoo Artist and ask them to take your design and REWORK it the way THEY think it should be done? Why not? Tattoo design ideas are a huge part of what they do for a living and you might be surprised how they can take what you thought would look really good and turn it into something spectacular! (If you don’t like it, you can always ask them to stick with what you brought them…or go someplace else!)
  • Get it on Paper: Know anyone who draws well? I think we all know someone who does, or perhaps we have a budding family artist? What about you…can you draw reasonably well? Either way, get your ideas on paper! Even if it is a very rough draft or idea, it can be reworked and rethought along the way. It is a start!
  • Take a Photograph: Have you seen something that inspires you? Do you just love your car? Did you walk by an extraordinary building or monument? Are you intrigued by certain animals? What about a majestic mountain range or beach sunset you snapped on vacation? Of course you can (and definitely should!) look at all sorts of images on the Internet, but to ensure originality, a photo YOU have taken has a much better chance of being unique!
  • The Written Word: Got any quotes, passages or mottos that you think describe you or your philosophy? Why not consider incorporating them into your design? Say you’re into Moby Dick, and you have a great rendering of the dreaded leviathan. How about taking a passage from the book? Starts with “They call me Ishmael…” How about just using text as your design? A quote or sentence in Calligraphy can look wonderful. And to be REALLY ORIGINAL, take that phrase and translate it into a foreign language. Runes? Arabic? Chinese? All beautiful visually…and a simple web-search will take you where you need to be to get the translation and writing. And guess what – YOU will hear this all the time: “I Love your tattoo! What does it mean?”
  • Combine Images: This is really the key to an interesting and super-unique tattoo design. As I state in my personal story (My Original Tattoo Design), I wanted to make a design I could add to and build upon…and the more images/words/designs you add, the more unique your design will be in the end! Have a design within a design, like my “All Seeing Eye” shooting out of the chest of my “Phoenix.” This is a great way to do something completely original.
  • Listen to your Gut: No matter what, you and only you will know if the tattoo design idea you have come up with is really you…and is original. Look over these suggestions, read them over a few times and then. Stop. Listen closely to your instincts…YOU ARE A UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL and there is no reason at all not to show the world (in doses…and in the right environment) what that is!

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