1. Show Your Personality Tattoo

Personality Tattoo Girl

How do you effectively express your SELF? By showing who you are with your own Personality Tattoo!

Everyone is unique, whether they know it or not. Some peeps do this though their own talents, skills or aptitudes. Some identify closely with the professions they've chosen, or by their favorite hobbies or passions. Still others choose to reveal themselves by displaying their unique styles and tastes.

This goes along with choices in clothes, hairstyles, make-up etc. We can provide further clues with what we drive (especially here in the States), where we live (area of town, our house or apartment) and our music choices.

And of course, you can express yourself with INK! I call it your "Personality Tattoo" but really, its a great way to just show the world what is so special about YOU.

This category, number 1 in our Top 10 Reasons to Tattoo, tops our list of reasons to tattoo because getting inked is just a natural extension of this desire or need to show more about your true SELF to the world. Only YOU really know who and what that is, and what you aspire to become.

As you will see, I often suggest brainstorming with pen and paper…just a bulleted list of things that come to mind that fit into the theme you are considering. Here are some examples:

Rock Musician

Rock Girl

Let’s say you define yourself as a cutting edge rock musician or fan and want to use ink to further show that side of you. Here is some imagery you may consider for your Rock and Roll ink composition:

  • Flowing music score, notes leaping from the page.
  • Your favorite instrument (guitar, drums, etc).
  • Image, name or logo of a rock star or band that you identify closely with (or YOUR band...if you have one).
  • Imagery from your favorite music video.
  • Scenes or "signs" of Woodstock, or other famous concerts or tours.
  • Emblazoned sign reading “Rock and Roll will NEVER DIE!” or another associated line.
  • A famous quote from your chosen rock legend.
  • A popular line or title from your favorite rock song.
  • Rock Album Cover designs (a wealth of imagery there!).
  • Memorial to a beloved rock idol who has passed on.

Space Buff

Medieval Astronomer"GadZOOKS! Where's the dang Hubble when ya really need it!"

In another example – say you are really into Astronomy or space exploration.  What better way to show this than with some well-placed, well-designed ink?

Here's some "express yourself" brainstorming on that topic:

  • Realistic or whimsical graphics of the Solar System and its planetary orbits, the Moon in its phases, known nebulae, the Milky Way or individual planets.
  • Historical imagery; such as Copernicus or Galileo gazing into the night's sky, or historical maps or models of the solar system, etc.
  • The International Space Station - with Earth in the background.
  • Hubble telescope, composite with some of its imagery.
  • NASA scenes (Apollo vehicles, Mars rovers, space shuttle).
  • Images from Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Odyssey, etc...truly, a cornucopia of choices here. 
  • Famous quotes “One small step for man…” 
  • Photos of legendary astronauts, think "The Right Stuff." 
  • A young boy or girl, holding a NASA model while gazing into the night’s sky 
  • Memorial to fallen heroes, such as the Challenger crew.

Express Yourself - YOUR Way

You choose the topic – what are you all about? How do you want to be remembered? What is it you LOVE about your job? What makes you RUSH HOME at the end of the workday? What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?

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