Tattoo Concealer

Tattoo Concealer on Businessman

Okay, so why on Earth would you need a Tattoo Concealer to cover up that ink you're usually so proud to show off?

Most areas of the body can be covered by your clothes, but what if you have some ink on your extremities (face, neck/throat, hands, legs etc)?

And what if those tattoos are maybe a little too graphic, racy or potentially controversial for certain company at certain times?

Making an Impression

I can think of several such occasions in life where a temporary cover might be called for in a pinch. Here are just two examples:

1. Meet the Parents - Say you're finally going to meet your future parents-in-law and you want to make a good impression. You've been briefed by your other half that they are, well, a bit conservative...and it just so happens, you've got a KILLER DEMONIC GOTH TAT on your neck and throat that you know can't be completely hidden by any of your shirts or jackets, and you're too cool to wear a scarf.


2. Job Interview - Imagine that you've been called in for an interview for a job you're trying to get. You want to appear professional, but you can't hide your MARIJUANA LEAF TAT on the back of your left hand very effectively with just a long sleeved shirt or jacket. 

Some other events that might call for a little tattoo concealer:

  • First Date(s)
  • Business Meetings
  • Weddings/Funerals
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Extended Family Get-togethers
  • Church (Synagogue, Mosque, etc)

Tattoo Concealer...a Temporary Fix

You get the picture!

REGARDLESS of the scenario that calls for some cover up, YOU LOVE YOUR INK and don't want to get rid of it or cover it just want to be able to quickly conceal it whenever necessary, right?

Well, a decent tattoo concealer will easily do the job...and it costs a whole lot less than tattoo removal or tattoo cover (and you get to keep your tattoo!).

There are different methods to choose from – and many different products that range in price. Some of the most popular methods:

  • Tattoo Cover Up (specifically designed for covering/concealing tattoos)
  • Cosmetic Camouflage
  • Temporary Bronzers / Air Brush Tanning

Tattoo Cover Up 

NOT to be confused with "Tattoo Covers" – which are new tattoos that cover old tattoos – Tattoo Cover Ups come in many forms and are specifically designed for tattoos (where the others listed above are for covering all sorts of skin issues and flaws). 

Among the offerings of Tattoo Cover Ups are the following:

  • Skin-toned Sleeves
  • Skin-toned Adhesive Patches
  • Tattoo Concealer Makeup

Cosmetic Camouflage

Cosmetic camouflage is the application of make-up creams and/or powders to conceal abnormalities of the skin on the face or body. It offers an answer to solve a number of skin problems (rosacia, birth marks etc) and can also be used to cover tattoos.

Temporary Bronzers and Air-Brush Tanning

Bronzers are a temporary sunless tanning option that can also be used to obscure tattoos. These come in mousse, gels, lotions, powders, sprays and moisturizers. Like make-up, these products tint or stain a person's skin only until they are washed off.

These are usually "one-day" only tans, and there are many varieties available. While these products are much safer than tanning beds, the color produced can sometimes look orangey and splotchy if applied incorrectly

Air brush tanning is a spray on tan performed by a professional. An air brush tan can last five to ten days and will fade when the skin is washed. 

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