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Before I get into the subject of tattoo cover, let me just say it again -- LOTS of folks fall out of love with their old tattoos.

Some just learn to live with it and that's that, while others come to the point where they just need to do something PERMANENT about that old ink. 

That brings us to just TWO options for action:

  • Tattoo Removal, or
  • Tattoo Cover

If you've decided that you still want a tattoo, but something different than what you already have, then a Removal is not for you...a Cover is what you need.

Tattoo Cover - What it IS and What it DOES

Tattoo Cover Process

Generally speaking, this is a tattoo that is strategically placed over (usually smaller) old ink -- completely obscuring the old tat and (hopefully) looking just like a fresh new tattoo that you will love forever. 

Some tattoo artists are far better than others at this particular skill...and while there are those who actively avoid taking on a cover tattoo, if you look hard enough there are plenty of other talented practitioners out there who LOVE a good challenge...and even some who SPECIALIZE in doing these often tricky tattoo covers.

The Devil in the Details

There is no question that these cover tattoos are very challenging and often complicated -- and so it follows that they deserve some extra attention. After all, you are already covering up ONE mistake...why would you want to risk making another mistake (that you will have to deal with at some point in the future) now?

You will have to be flexible with the new design and the tattoo artist's opinions should carry MORE WEIGHT than usual, as you are paying him/her to figure out the many details that will result in the best coverage possible. This is NOT as easy as rendering a new tattoo on "virgin skin." There are several other factors that come into play here, to include:

  • DESIGN -- The new design must contain elements that will adequately cover, hide or smoothly incorporate the old design.
  • COLOR -- The cover tattoo pigment cannot be a lighter color than the ink itis meant to cover, so the lighter and/or more faded the old ink, the more color pallet choices you will have to choose from for the new cover tattoo.
  • PLACEMENT -- The cover tattoo must be placed in such a way that it hides the old design beneath it...may take several tries with the stencil.
  • SIZE -- The new cover tattoo must be at least as large (usually larger) than the old tattoo it will be covering.

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