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Tattoo Love - Name "Michael"

It is not uncommon to see tattoos showing portraits, names and/or short captions of beloved family members or pets (even some of celebrities or other public figures you really like). Sometimes these are memorials to the departed, but most depict the living...

There are lots of "love tattoo" designs out there that are generic don't portray or name anyone (or anything) in particular. That is more stylistic and not the proclamation of love discussed here. Those discussed here are showing who or what you love in particular.

This "lovely" category, number 3 in our Top 10 Reasons to Tattoo, has grown in popularity as a way to show affection for the beloved peeps (and pets) in life, but it also comes with its own set of risks.

Something to consider...

Here is a case in point: The artist who did my second phase of ink was sporting a woman’s name across his neck and throat (so, I just had to ask). Her name was "Jenny" and she was his FIRST wife.

Fortunately for him, he somehow managed to meet and fall in love with a lady with the SAME NAME (and spelling) several years after the divorce. And yeah...they got married and he claimed to be very happy with her.

What are the odds? (ummm...not very good).

So, when you find that this is one of your main reasons for getting a tattoo, just think about what you've read here before you go for the permanent love thaaang!

Tattoo Love - Daddy and his Daughter

Don't get me wrong...SOME Love Tattoos really do make practical sense.

Your kids, siblings and parents will ALWAYS be your kids, siblings and parents, right? Your pets don't read...and they won’t care too much about other pets portrayed in your ink.

Celebs and public figures won’t care either, but keep in mind that a Mel Gibson tattoo was much cooler 20 years ago. Just sayin'..

Lovers and even spouses may not last for all time...sad, but true. Angelina Jolie, just one of many famous examples, had her own reasons to tattoo “Billy Bob” on her arm – only to have their relationship end.  She then had her ink laser-removed to much expense, pain, and public embarrassment. Remember…tattoos should be considered PERMANENT!

Some Popular "Show Your Love" Themes

Couple Showing Love

Having said that, don't let me discourage you from exploring this area of your life. Yes, think it through...use your heart WITH your head...then proceed with caution!

Here are some of the most popular themes, often accompanied by some poetry and/or other designs...such as flowers, shared interests etc:

  • "MOM" (usually in or on a heart)
  • "DAD" (quite often in portrait form)
  • Special Guy or Gal (name and/or portrait)
  • Sister(s) and/or Brothers (name(s) and/or portrait(s))
  • Other Relatives (name(s) and/or portrait(s))
  • Close Friends (name(s) and/or portrait(s))
  • Favorite Pet(s) (usually portrait)
  • Favorite Celebrity (movie star, musician, comedian etc - usually portrait)
  • In Memorium (of any above - name or portrait)

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