Religious Tattoos

We can call it Religion, Spirituality, Faith, Love of Nature or a Kinship with the Universe. 

However you label it, the fact remains that many people adorn their bodies with symbols, imagery and scenes that are meant to show that they acknowledge and proclaim a power that is greater than themselves – and that they embrace it.

Darker Followings...

There are anti-Christ and down-with-god religions, devil worship, dark arts and others...subjects that you might think fit into this category - admittedly, that is a matter of perspective.

But, for those of you who follow a more mystical or macabre set of beliefs, there are other categories within this "Top Ten" that will suit your beliefs better...such as A Walk on the Dark Side: Morbid Tattoos and Fantasy Tattoos.

Religious Tattoos and Limitations...

While many religions do not condone body modifications of any kind (even circumcision in some cases), displays of such devotion with ink are popping up all over the place.

For Christians, images of Baby Jesus, Virgin Mary, Angels, Saints etc…it’s like the old religious iconography of Eastern Europe has found a new home on skin.

Careful consideration should be applied with this category, for obvious and maybe not-so-obvious reasons. People DO convert to other religions…and some just change their minds completely about their beliefs at one point in their life.

Perhaps it’s safer to stick with figures from the Old Testament (shared by Christians, Jews and Muslims) just in case? Okay…I’m kidding (a little).

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