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You've waited and waited, and finally the day of your appointment is here. Congrats! I know you must be very excited. As you will see, there are still some things you will need to consider on this most-crucial day.

But first, make sure that you've taken the right steps to get you here! 

Checklist: Are You Ready for Today?

To-do list Before You Ink

Leading up to this point, I hope you took the time to read through the "Before You Ink" pages. If not, go check 'em out...if nothing else, it will make you consider your ideas, options and overall game-plan.

But just in case you need more motivation, let me make a point on the importance of preparation.

The "6 Ps"

Those of us who served in any military organization were forced to learn a huge list of abbreviations, acronyms, cliches and other word tricks to refer to if we needed a quick mental reference to a situation we were faced with. 

One example is the "6 P's"...which stands for the phrase "Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance."

Seems ridiculous, but there is wisdom in many of these "tools." And just as any professional tattoo artist worth his/her salt would tell you, when you sit down in their chair they have done plenty of their own prior planning to create these tattoos...but they don't have to live with them afterward!

You DO have to live with don't you owe it to yourself to do the same level of planning for YOUR OWN tattoo? 

Speaking of "6 Ps" -- Did you review these 6 Pages?

Here are the six pages you should have reviewed. If you haven't looked these over, please go back and review them and do the simple exercises. Then, come back to the next section (below) entitled "Okay, NOW about TODAY!"

1. BEFORE Your First Tattoo - Five Questions for You:  Okay, just fill out the included questionnaire - then ask yourself these FIVE SIMPLE QUESTIONS before that first tattoo. With a little planning and insight now, you can avoid those post-ink regrets!

2. TOP 10 Reasons to Tattoo:  Ever wonder why people get tattoos? For better or worse, we've all got our reasons. To help you Think Before You Ink, why not look at the Top 10 Reasons to Tattoo

3. Find the RIGHT Tattoo Shop & Tattoo Artist:  Whether you call it a Tattoo Shop or a Tattoo Studio, finding the RIGHT ONE is essential. Then, it's time to find the right Tattoo Artist at that fine establishment to make your dreams come true.

4. ORIGINAL Tattoo Design Ideas...How to Make It Unique:  For truly unique Tattoo Design Ideas, all you need is a system! Here are some tips on how to put your first (or next?) ink in a class that is all its own!

5. What are the Best Steps?: As with anything important in life, getting a tattoo requires not only patience and planning, but there are optimal tattoo steps you should demand and expect.

6. What to DEFINITELY Avoid!:  Getting your First Ink can be like walking through a minefield if you don't know what to avoid. Bad tattoos are usually the result of bad planning.

Okay, NOW about TODAY!

Nervous about Her First Tattoo!"Don't worry lady...won't hurt a bit!"


I know, I know...what could possibly go wrong, right? Well nothing, so long as you've read over those pages and carefully weighed your actions and options.

However, TODAY there is STILL more to do!

As I've stressed throughout this site, most people get something about their first tattoo wrong...and that is because they didn't have any guidance to consider all of their choices. 

That won't be you!

So here you are carefully mapping out your plan (why else would you be reading this?) and you are giving your tattoo the consideration it deserves...especially on THIS DAY.

BREAKS! Don't be afraid to as the tattoo artist to take a few breaks. Just remember, you are paying for the it follows that you should only take them when you really need them.

Check out the following links, then go to your appointment with confidence. I think you'll be very, very happy that you did!

What You'll Need to Know Today

Your Preparation for TODAY:  Not only are you going to rely on the Tattoo Artist to do his/her job and due diligence, YOU have your own preparations to make before the tattoo gun even touches your skin.

Tattoo Etiquette: YES...there are some customs to follow when dealing with your tattoo artist...we'll call it "Tattoo Etiquette." Here are some things you'll need to consider on Tattoo Day...

Tattoo Pain? How Much Will It Hurt?:  In considering tattoo pain levels for different parts of the body, some areas are much more sensitive than others. Fortunately, the pain is short-lived and relatively minor in most cases.

Ensure a Proper Tattooing Procedure:  Tattooing still relies on tiny puncture wounds to inject ink into the skin, so the risk of infection must be minimized. Learn about proper tattooing procedure – and what to expect.

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